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Saturday, April 06, 2019

Students travel to Cambodia through embedded course in developmental psychology | Students - Penn State News

The College of the Liberal Arts offers many embedded courses to Penn State students. Embedded courses are semester-long classes that include an optional short-term international experience related to the course content. 

Koh Ker, a 10th-century temple complex in the north Cambodian jungle.
Photo: Jalani Cook

Students in the course PSYCH 212 Introduction to Developmental Psychology went to Siem Reap, Cambodia over spring break. This is the third consecutive year professors Jessica Lawson and Bo Cleveland led the embedded program, which allows Penn State students to visit local schools all over the city with students of all ages. There, they had the chance to lead educational activities that Hunt helped them plan with local staff and teachers. Many students refer to these experiences as some of the most memorable of the trip.

“The best part of this experience was interacting and doing hands-on activities with the Khmer children,” said Jalani Cook, a psychology student who went on the trip. “Because this experience was part of a child development class, we were able to experience how these children adapt to obstacles, challenges and new tasks. Being able to interact with the children was heart-warming because they were so happy and energetic.”...

In addition to visiting with the youth of the nation, students also spent time visiting local cultural sites, such as Angkor Wat. They got a sense for Cambodia's art, music and literature, as well as having a better knowledge of its history...

Embedded courses are available in many different departments and on various topics. 
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Source: Penn State News