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Friday, April 05, 2019

This music-oriented app can help you learn a new language | PopSci Shop - Popular Science

Check out the Earworms Musical Brain Trainer app by Stack Commerce.
Photo: Earworms Musical Brain Trainer
Stack Commerce

If you've ever visited another country and wished you could understand the conversations going on around you, or even wanted to ask a native a few simple questions, then it might be time you picked up a new language. Learning a new language has a wide range of different benefits: you can fully immerse yourself in a culture that's entirely different from your own, make a new home out of a space that would be otherwise foreign, make new friends along the way and even be more competitive in the job market. Pragmatically speaking, even if you live in an area that's saturated with positions in your field, you could find a whole new host of exciting opportunities abroad that might be closed off to you—unless, of course, you can speak the native language.

And while the idea of learning a new language can initially sound appealing, there are a lot of roadblocks that make learning discouraging. The first and foremost issue is the amount of time it takes to classically learn a new language: the old school approach of memorizing vocabulary by associating words with familiar items can take a while, especially if you don't already have a natural aptitude towards language. And unless you're learning from a native speaker, it can be difficult (even with language-recognition software) to know if you're pronunciation is correct...

Here's why music is so effective as a facilitator to picking up a new language:

Source: Popular Science