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Wednesday, May 01, 2019

How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are Changing CyberSecurity | Technology -

James Warner, Big Data Developer at Nexsoftsys NEW YORK, NY reports, Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence developed by machines, and machine learning is a sample of artificial intelligence.

Generally, in machine learning, computers learn on their own. Machine learning creates the capability to acquire and absorb knowledge in computers without predetermined and overt program writing.

Machine Learning, a sub-topic of artificial intelligence, is headed for the technological expansion of human knowledge and intelligence. Machine learning permits computers to cope with unfamiliar circumstances, locations, arrangements by the use of analysis, self-training, observation and experience. Machine learning makes uninterrupted progression of computing easy by subjecting computers to a lot of different, contemporary, untried unfamiliar settings, challenges, innovations, versions, etc....

Machine learning has been introduced to cybersecurity 
AI and machine learning are rallying round to reduce crime – both in the digital world and in real life. Artificial Intelligence, aptly described as the ‘Industrial Revolution of our time’ is progressively becoming an influential factor in our cyber security armoury to protect, perceive and computerize incident response.

Cybersecurity is one area that profits the most from machine learning. With AI and machine learning slowly gaining prominence in the cyber security landscape, different types of machine learning techniques are being custom-built to get to the bottom of specific problems in cyber security.