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Wednesday, May 08, 2019

What I Learned From Designing and Developing E-Learning | Learning Technologies - ATD

When I first started creating e-learning courses, I had never designed an asynchronous learning experience and had not taken one click in an e-learning software program. Talk about a challenge! I learned by jumping in, notes Nikki O’Keeffe, internal ATD Facilitator. 

Photo: ATD
Sometimes my designs worked and sometimes they did not. I learned what participants liked and what they did not like through course evaluations and from talk around the office. The true results, however, showed on the job.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that a decent e-learning program requires more than a set of clickable PowerPoint slides. The learner needs to experience real-life scenarios, try out tasks, and get feedback along the way. An extrinsic smiley face and a thumbs up icon at the end aren’t enough.

Here are the top five lessons I learned from designing and developing e-learning programs: 

Source: ATD