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Thursday, May 02, 2019

Middlesex Community College Unveils Collaborative Learning Space | MXCC Newsroom

Middlesex Community College held a ribbon-cutting ceremony today to celebrate the recently renovated Learning Commons, a fully integrated physical learning space for delivering library services, distance learning, and academic success services. 

Photo: Middlesex Community College
The space is located on the main level of Chapman Hall on the Middletown campus.

“A commons is a space where people gather together. Now, the Learning Commons is a place of collaboration and innovation with the vision to continue adapting to the future of technology that unifies students, faculty, and staff,” explained Campus CEO and Dean of Academic Affairs Steven Minkler, EdD.

Also participating in the event was Alice Pritchard, PhD, chief of staff of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system, who added, “The Learning Commons represents the system’s vision… and provides a place where students can learn from one another and that represents the values you want to instill in our students.”...

The new space features collaborative work stations, group and individual study areas, as well as soft seating equipped with charging stations. Furnishings came from industry leaders such as KI, National, Steelcase, and Logiflex furniture companies. “Seeing my design concepts used by the students of Middlesex is very fulfilling,” said Evan Golden of Insalco Corporation.

“To transform this area we decided to eliminate the dusty old almanacs, encyclopedias, and books, and embrace technology at MxCC with collaboration and innovation being the theme. We decided to renovate space and reduce the stacks of books and make a place for students to be creative,” said MxCC Dean of Administration Kimberly Hogan, who oversaw the in-house funding and design implementation of the renovations.

Source: MXCC Newsroom