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Friday, December 09, 2011

Blended Learning

Distance-learning business education has been one of the success stories of the last decade, and international demand has continued to rise in the last year.

GMAC applicant trends survey (PDF)

Though the recent GMAC applicant trends survey showed a sharp decline in applicant volume to full-time and part-time MBA programmes around the world, 58% of online and distance MBA programmes reported their international application volume including those from India either increased (47%) or stayed the same (11%) over the last year. While many professionals focus on earning rather than learning, others see an opportunity in a more flexible format of learning, combining study with a reassuring monthly pay packet.

Advances in technology, and an increasingly mobile audience of professionals around the globe have given rise to a number of mass-market providers who count their students in the thousands. The University of Phoenix has close to half a million postgraduate business students, while in India or Indonesia distance learners are in the millions. Many observers expect the Indian distance learning market to double every year for the next five years.

IE Business School and Brown University have joined forces to offer an Executive MBA programme that goes beyond the boundaries of the traditional MBA, integrating innovative management studies with the liberal arts. Admission to this 15-month long online programme is also highly selective, focusing on applicants with strong leadership potential and an average of 10 years work experience. The programme includes seven-week-long residencies in Rhode Island and Madrid, with online programme components that allow participants from anywhere in the world.

Source: Times of India