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Friday, December 16, 2011

When is a course not a course?

We're all used to training courses covering specific topics, but with e-learning, the course can be whatever it needs to be.


Like many training companies, we deliver lots of courses - you only have to browse through our course catalogue. It's a straightforward process - you select what you intend to learn, book on the course and away you go.

But what if you want to learn a lot of related topics which aren't covered within one course? Is the only option to attend more than one course?

Well, it depends on what you're learning. If you need to learn those topics in depth, then it may well be - this is what happens when you take a professional certification track, for example

This is fine when an individual is the learner, but how about when you need to train hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of people? All of those additional learning days really can rack up the cost. The issue is actually bigger than that. Standard training courses aim to be relevant to as many people as possible - so teach a broad range of topics. Yet, your learners may not need to know all of those topics - so a percentage of the learning quite literally wastes time.

Source: e-academy