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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A New Visual iPad App For Learning Multiplication Tables

Independent developer Esa Helttula has introduced Multiplication Table 1.0, the 15th of his math instruction apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad in the popular iDevBooks series. It provides a unique visual way to learn and study the multiplication tables.

The Multiplication Table app for iPad 

The user can explore the multiplication table in four different ways:
  • Table: Explore the multiplication table in various ways.
  • Groups: See the multiplications as visualizations.
  • Multiples: See how each number has an unlimited number of multiples.
  • Solve: Scramble and solve the multiplication table.
Esa Helttula is an independent developer located in Espoo, Finland. He specializes in apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch that help teach math skills. He is formerly an algorithm visualization researcher at the university of Tampere in Finland.

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Source: prMac