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Saturday, December 10, 2011

eScience Labs Releases New Environmental Science Lab Kit and Curriculum

Photo: eScience Labs
eScience Labs will officially launch the Environmental Science Lab Kit on December 8th, 2011. This product includes 15 new labs with content covering topics such as water quality, alternative energy, contamination, and ecological interactions. The lab kit can be purchased to include a traditional survey of environmental topics, or customized to fit unique curriculum needs. It is ideal for online, hybrid, and non-traditional (such as satellite campus) science courses.

Photo:  PR Newswire

The Environmental Science Lab Kit was developed in response to the market need for a modern environmental science lab course compatible with today's "Generation Y" learners. As online education increases, and the amount of available lab space continues to decrease, the hands-on lab solutions provided by eScience Labs are a critical tool in delivering academic excellence.

All eScience Labs lab kits include a digital lab manual, hands-on lab materials, interactive learning exercises, supplemental virtual content, and safety guidelines and equipment. Digital manuals can be downloaded by the user and fully integrate into any LMS. Teachers and students can access their favorite LMS functionalities (grade book, document submission, etc.) while enjoying the additional features supplied by eScience Labs at the same time.

If you would like more information about eScience Labs and/or the Environmental Science Lab Kit, please visit

Why eScience Labs?

Students need quality, safe and complete lab kits for conducting science experiments outside of a traditional school environment. Prior to eScience Labs, options were not only pricey, incomplete or dangerous, but the instructions were either simplistic or confusing.

Homeschooled students and virtual learners, as well as those enrolled in correspondence courses, now have a better choice of quality science labs to fulfill their educational requirements.

Source: PR Newswire