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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

UN wants more mobiles to see action in classrooms by Edwin Kee

Photo: Edwin Kee
"The United Nations (UN) and their educational agency intend to harness the power of mobile phones worldwide, especially in developing countries, by increasing the use of mobile phone use in classrooms." summarizes Edwin Kee.

This is definitely in stark contrast to certain schools and educational institutions who figure out that phones are more of a distraction than help, as students tend to tweet or update their Facebook posts instead of concentrating on what is being taught right in front of class. Well, a statement issued in Paris by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has every intention to discuss the impact of the mobile telephone on education and learning.

Photo: Ubergizmo

Nearly 200 policy-makers, educators, academics and researchers worldwide intend to come together and talk on how mobile telephones are able to support teachers and students alike. Some of the initiatives that promote mobile learning have already been spearheaded across a wide range of countries like Mozambique, Pakistan, South Africa, Niger, Kenya, and Mongolia, and they hope to see this figure increase as education is being offered across the board.

Source: Ubergizmo