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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How To Use Blended Learning In A Training Program

Keep costs down by training online while also maintaining an in-person training program.

In the Introduction to "How To Use Blended Learning In A Training Program" Mindflash writes, "Blended learning is a term describing a trend in education in which educators interact with students in person but also online. The proportion of each can vary widely, depending on the need and situation."

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"Blended learning expert Curtis Bonk, a consultant, speaker and professor at Indiana University, has published a handbook of blended learning techniques, of which there are many.
“There are 39 chapters in my handbook,” he says, “and there are 39 models for how to do blended learning.”"

In this guide you will learn:
  • The best types of files to use in your online training
  • The ideal time length for units of instruction
  • How to take advantage of social media technologies
  • Other blended learning best practices
This guide also includes a detailed case study showing how one company successfully used blended learning to deploy training to a large group of people across departments, offices and time zones.  
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