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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Distance Learning: Internet Opened "Pandora's Box" On Education

"The vice chancellor of the Open University and founder of FutureLearn, the massive open online course, or Mooc, platform, said that the internet has opened “Pandora’s box” on education, as the learning technology revolution begins to take hold of the business education world." continues BusinessBecause.

Photo: BusinessBecause

Speaking at the Sir John Cass’ Foundation Lecture, an annual event held at London’s Cass Business School, the distance learning pioneer said that the education sector cannot keep on doing things the same way and still be recognised as valuable.

“Disruptive innovation is forcing so many of us to reconsider the very foundations of our learning and teachings,” said Marin, speaking to a crowd of education heads from across the UK.

“There isn’t a higher education institution in the world that shouldn’t be thinking about the role of technology and innovation…. This is something that’s going to be a massive shift,” he said.

His comments come at a time of huge change in business education and the wider academic sphere. Universities are desperately trying to figure out how best to utilize distance learning platforms, which enable students to learn in their own time by watching video lectures and engaging with classmates through video-conferencing systems.

Marin warned that universities must be very wary of staying in “our comfort zones”. “It can sometimes mean isolated, out-mooted or worst still, obsolete,” the vice chancellor said.

Source: BusinessBecause

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