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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Download These Free eBooks - Virtual Learning and Webinars for Dummies

Here's Two Free eBooks For Dummies" series published by John C. Wiley, Inc.

Virtual Learning for Dummies
Virtual learning solutions ensure that your employees, customers, and partners have instant access to the training and resources they need to be successful. Now you can deliver highly interactive learning environments that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any device. Explore the benefits of implementing a virtual learning solution with the Virtual Learning for Dummies eBook.

This eBook will help you quickly learn the WHY and HOW of virtual learning, along with:

  • Virtual learning best practices
  • How to create the most effective virtual learning environment
  • How to revolutionize your training with virtual learning programs
  • How to choose the best virtual learning solution
In the introduction Ryan C. Williams writes "This slim volume introduces you to basic virtual learning concepts and how you can implement them. You find out what goes into a virtual learning application, how you can apply virtual learning concepts to your needs, and how best to implement virtual learning in your business. You even see how others have implemented virtual learning (and how wonderfully it worked out for them)."
Download Virtual Learning for Dummies

Webinars for Dummies
Whether you are planning your first webinar or are a veteran of the webinar world, our complimentary Webinars for Dummies eBook will provide you with how-to guidance, from the initial concept and rehearsal to the execution of your online event. Download Webinars for Dummies, and learn how to get the most out of your webinars.   

Highlights include how to: 
  • Create and deliver webinars for marketing, training and corporate communications
  • Reach and engage your audience with compelling content
  • Reinforce your message long after your event is over
  • Choose a reputable webinar vendor
In the introduction Ryan C. Williams writes "This book offers you insights into the steps of putting together a webinar, all the way from identifying your audience through critiquing how your webinar went. There’s a lot in between, of course — and I share that with you as well.
With the information in this book, you can plan an effective webinar, promote your event, create compelling webinar content, and evaluate your success using hard statistics. You also find out what kind of technology platform you can use to make your webinar as effective as possible."

Download Webinars for Dummies 

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