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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Free eBook - Responsive eLearning Design & Development by Geera Bellare & Sonal Sheth

Learn about how today's learners use multiple computing/communication devices during the course of the day - for learning, work, entertainment, and decision making. 

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They are on the move, both within and outside the workplace, and want to use their “downtime” effectively. Responsive eLearning helps organizations to leverage this “downtime” while extending the reach and availability of their training.

Like any other approach, Responsive eLearning comes with its own set of planning, design, development and testing considerations and guidelines - and it forces those of us who create responsive eLearning to think beyond just one fixed display size and one uniform use context. Hence, understanding the key features, benefits, types, examples of Responsive eLearning is important in drawing up a strategy that works for your organization. With respect to the strategy, decision factors like when to use responsive eLearning, how to get started and the various challenges you may encounter in the design, development and testing process are crucial to the success of your strategy. 

Key topics covered in the eBook:

1. Understanding Responsive eLearning Design
2. Determining Responsive eLearning Design Strategy
3. Challenges and Solutions   

Download this free eBook

Source: eLearning Guild 

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