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Friday, November 07, 2014

Istanbul marks 100th year of Turkish women in academia

"From 1914 until today, Turkey now has more women working in academia than many other developed nations." summarizes  

Photo: Istanbul University

A three-day event began in Istanbul on Thursday to mark the 100th anniversary of women’s involvement in the country’s universities – at a time when more women work in academia here than in the U.S. or U.K.

The 'Times Higher Education Report 2013' says that Turkey's academic representation of women at universities is 47.5 percent; this number falls to 35.9 percent for the United States and 34.6 percent for the U.K.

In Turkey, over 56,000 women are currently working in different levels of academia, compared to more than 76,700 men.

This is according to the organizers of today’s symposium, which claims that representation is just the first step to equality.

Curator of the Women's Museum Istanbul, Meral Akkent says: "Equality cannot be provided only with representation. It is also important where these women academics are represented.

“The statistics panel in our exhibition (as part of the symposium) points out at which academic levels women are not represented," she adds.

When asked what progress Turkish women have made in universities after 100 years, Akkent quotes the memoirs of a male student from the last century.

"When Inas Darulfunun (the Girl's University of the Ottoman Empire) was closed due to the economic crisis after the First World War and when co-ed education had started, some of the male professors had openly proclaimed that they did not take the girl students seriously, a boy called Macit Gokberk from those classes recalls," she says.

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