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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Denmark: International students – A good investment

University World News writes, "Foreign students contribute more to Denmark in financial terms than they cost to complete their higher education degrees, a study has found."

The study, by a Danish think-tank on the socio-economic impact of international students, found that they contributed more than $US24 million to the economy in the 12 years to 2008, even after deducting the costs it took to educate them in Denmark.
A report of the study says that the increasing recruitment of international students had led to fears that the cost of funding public higher education would rise.

But the study authors say that as long as Danish businesses and industry hire sufficient numbers of international students after they complete their education, and they remain in Denmark for several years, the overall economic benefit will be greater than the cost of educating them.

In the 12 years to 2008, nearly 9,000 international students enrolled in Danish higher education institutions. Almost 6,000 students completed their courses while 3,000 either dropped out or were exchange students, not there to undertake a full higher education course.

 Source: University World News