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Friday, March 13, 2015

How To Study Better

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writes, "Final exam time is right around the corner! That means college campuses are full of stressed out students scrambling to pull all night study sessions in an attempt to cram every little bit of information in their heads as possible. Sounds like fun, right? Sure it does…if your definition of fun is being sleep deprived and wearing two day old clothes covered in highlighter and coffee stains."

Psst…We’re going to let you in on a little secret! Ready? Studying doesn’t have to be like this. Go ahead, try your best Schwarzenegger impression and bid your old study ways an “Hasta la vista, baby!” We’re going to lay it all on you and tell you how to study better!


Do You Know Your Learning Style?
It’s probably a good idea to know your learning style when trying to implement ways to study better. Knowing how you learn can make your study process so much easier and effective. We’ll keep this part short and sweet, but do take note of where you in with these learning styles.

Visual Learners
  • Everything comes together when you can see and touch what you need to learn. You may be a fan of graphs, charts, pictures and reading instructions.
  • Writing things down helps you remember facts and tasks you need to complete. 
  • Reading instructions or watching a lecture drives the point home better than just hearing them.
Auditory Learners 
  • Hearing instructions or information works like a charm and allows you to relay the same information with ease.
  • Music may be a useful tool for you and can potentially help you focus more rather than pose as a distraction.
  • It’s often better for you to hear things and hit the ground running without having to stop and read something for clarification.
Tactile Learners
  • Touch is your favorite way to learn something new. Nothing beats a hands on approach.
  • Problem solving is your thing, which makes math and science your cup of tea.
  • Demonstrating how something is done is your preferred method explaining something. Who has time to verbally explain everything when you can just show someone how it’s done, right?
So, do you know what your learning style is now? Take this quick little learning style self assessment if you’re not entirely sure of where your learning strengths lie. The results will help you learn how to study better, so it’s well worth the five minutes it takes to complete it.

Source: Learn U