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Friday, March 20, 2015

The World is Your Classroom - White Paper

Deliver interactive training sessions via webcasts, collaboration tools and social networking with a virtual learning environment.

This white paper discusses the impact of virtual learning environments on global companies’ training results. Employees, partners, and clients need to be retrained continually to perform wider-ranging job functions, stay current with new technologies and methods, and receive important product information. 
Virtual learning environments enable organizations to:
  • Immediately expand training programs to reach global workforces 
  • Provide an engaging learning experience while reducing training costs
  • Integrate subject matter experts into training programs to facilitate the transfer of institutional knowledge
  • Deliver interactive training sessions via webcasts, collaboration tools, and social networking
Case studies are included to illustrate how global companies are using virtual learning environments which enable them to train their worldwide employees, customers, and partners more effectively and at lower cost.  
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Source: ON24