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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

5 Things You Do At School That Don't Make You A Bad Feminist

Marissa Higgins, writer based in Washington, DC. writes, "There are a lot of differening opinions out there about what makes someone a "good" or "bad" feminist. If you're a student, you might ask yourself, what are things I do at school that make me a bad feminist? In reality, though, the answer is: Their aren't any." 

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Choices you make or values you haven't don't make you a "good feminist " or "bad feminist" — you're a feminist if you support and value other women, and work toward promoting equality for all people, including minority or oppressed populations. It's not a competition, and there's no prize for being a "better" feminist than someone else.

When you're in a school setting — whether it's grammar school, high school, college, or grad school — there are often a lot of structural barriers in place that restrict women or reinforce sexism: Think dress codes or the fact that women are so frequently discouraged from studying STEM subjects. And just as often, there can be judgment against women based on their individual choices or values, which is inherently unfair. The point of feminism is not to judge one another or tear each other down, but to support each other regardless of our decisions or perspective. It's about everyone having choices and options— even if you don't necessarily agree with the choice someone else makes.

Here are five examples of things you might do in college that don't make you a "bad" feminist — and they don't make anyone else a "bad" feminist, either.

Source: Bustle

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