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Saturday, May 07, 2016

Tech Hiring Trends Right Now

Photo: Ron Emery
Ron Emery, CEO + Founder of icrunchdata and visionary business leader for brand and product development, including online operations and digital media strategy writes, "The year is now well underway, so it’s a great time to visit the top trends impacting hiring strategies today. Employer’s worldwide have unique challenges to face when it comes to finding and hiring the right talent in such a high-demand marketplace." 

Photo: icrunchdata News

The level of technology and data dependency that exists is nothing short of epic. Despite rapid evolution of automation and even machine learning, there is a near equal dependency on hiring people with advanced technical skills. Universities can’t produce them fast enough, and there are not enough people with the right background to meet the demand in the marketplace. This shortage is simple math. Companies, especially in North America, may take a pause to regroup – though in the interest of progression and growth, each organization will need to hire tech talent at varying degrees of urgency for a very long time. Let’s break down three top hiring trends happening right now…

1. Employer Branding 
Posting jobs is a fundamental need, though it is not enough by itself to attract top talent. Employers must embrace a cohesive strategy around their job ads that’s enhanced by employer brand awareness, thought leadership and positive image. Job seeker user behavior has evolved rapidly to include numerous touch points. An employer must be highly conscious of their brand sentiment among the job seeker pool. In the same way we shop for products online, users will quickly paint a picture of value of your offering by sizing things up from several digital angles. Website design, messaging, reviews and brand footprint all play a critical role in attracting talent. The employer job ads must work in alignment with the other channels surrounding their brand. There are numerous strategies to deploy and critical investments that must be made around employer communications and marketing to attract high quality candidates.
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