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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Getting Started with Team-Based Learning | Magna Publications

Take a look at this white papers below.

Photo: Mary Sinclair
Mary Sinclair, associate professor in the division of arts and sciences at Nebraska Methodist College, is the essential guide you need to get going with team-based learning right away. 

The flipped classroom took lectures out of the classroom, brought problem solving into the classroom, and otherwise turned traditional higher education pedagogy on its head. It has re-imagined learning and, in doing so, embraced strategies that used to cause consternation for educators and students alike.
Consider team-based learning. 

Photo: Magna Publications
Team-based learning is an effective educational strategy that gets students to work collaboratively, develop accountability, solve complex problems, and engage in stimulating classroom discussion. It creates a culture of learning in every classroom.

This evidence-based pedagogical approach is universally adaptable—it works in any discipline, at any level. It also adds variety to your instruction, which keeps students engaged. Team-based learning is a powerful tool you can use to improve the classroom experience along with student success and satisfaction. 

A Simple Introduction to Team-Based Learning is a new resource that delivers the essential strategies, insights, and information on team-based learning so you can try it with the courses you already teach.

This whitepaper will:
  • Show you where to start with team-based learning
  • Explain how to form and manage effective learning teams
  • Prepare you to design your own team-based activities
  • Guide you through assigning preparatory work
  • Show you how to use peer evaluation to gauge the effectiveness of the teams

Source: Magna Publications 

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