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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Rich TPACK Cases: Great Resource eBook | Punya Mishra's Web - Michigan State University

Photo: Punya Mishra
Punya Mishra, Professor of Educational Technology at Michigan State University where he directs the Master of Arts in Educational Technology program writes on his website, "The TPACK framework is a theoretical framework that seeks to influence practice."

Punya Mishra's Web - Michigan State University

And most gratifyingly (for Matt Koehler and myself) it appears to have had a significant impact in that area. That said, the field lacked concrete, rich examples of TPACK in practice. Cases that would (quoting Darling-Hammond & Snyder) “add context to theory” highlighting the rich telling detail, as well as local contextual factors that are often lost when teaching is discussed in more general terms.

This gap has now been filled with a lovely ebook by my friends and colleagues Mark Hofer, Lynn Bell and Glen Bull. The Practitioner’s guide to technology pedagogy and content knowledge (TPACK): Rich media cases of teacher knowledge focuses on developing rich “exemplary” cases of practice, and boy does it deliver. Consider what is included in each of the cases included in the book:

[Each of the cases] include a number of media elements, including short video clips, student and teacher artifacts, and links to digital tools and resources. The video footage is crucial to these cases and is used in various ways: to highlight teacher thinking, to capture salient moments of TPACK in action, and to highlight student learning. The teacher interviews add to the narrative included in the text, rather than being repetitive. The Classroom in Action and Student Work videos show real teachers and students in real classrooms engaging in unscripted instruction.

The goal of the TPACK Practitioners Guide is simple—to offer exemplary cases of technology integration efforts that result in curriculum-based student learning in each of the following nine content areas and grade level contexts:

Hofer, M., Bell, L. & Bull, G. (Eds.). (2015). Practitioner’s Guide to Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge (TPACK): Rich Media Cases of Teacher Knowledge. Waynesville, North Carolina: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). 

Source: Punya Mishra's Web - Michigan State University and LearnTechLib

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