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Friday, May 20, 2016

How Can I Design Academic Integrity into My Online Programs? | Magna Publications

"Identify academic-integrity tools and techniques that can be adapted to fit the specific needs of your program or institution—and learn the three-stage process for putting these policies and procedures into practice." summarizes Magna Publications.

Photo: Magna Publications
Instilling academic integrity in students is an essential part of higher education, especially as it pertains to the online course environment.

Photo: Tom Tobin
Dr. Tobin explores six key points for enlisting all departments on campus to line up behind an academic integrity program. He'll also explain methods for getting both students and faculty to keep academic integrity top of mind.
The problem?

Some colleges and universities do not have consistent, campus-wide policies. Even when they do, some faculty and administrators lack the training to talk about them with their online students. Others are confused about how to enforce them.

To establish realistic policies that promote honest performance at your school, order your copy of How Can I Design Academic Integrity into My Programs?, the 20-Minute Mentor video program from Magna Publications.

Dr. Thomas Tobin, a leading voice in online course and program quality at Northeastern Illinois University, provides step-by-step methods for creating, setting up, and applying ethical behavior practices at your institution.

When you watch this program, you'll see how to:
  • Establish formal structures that foster academic honesty on campus
  • Involve members from all parts of your school in designing integrity processes
  • Dissuade students from unethical behaviors and encourage positive habits
  • Enact clear policies and practices that unite students, faculty, and administrators
In this 20-minute presentation, you'll get the tools and framework for creating an academic integrity program that meets the particular needs of your school or department. You'll also get several examples from actual school situations to demonstrate these ideas in practice. Best of all, this program is just $49.  

Address the problem of academic integrity in online classrooms—and give your students a solid foundation for becoming ethical learners and leaders.

Colleges and universities that display a serious commitment to academic integrity gain a competitive advantage for tuition dollars. See how integrating these policies across your campus can dramatically affect student performance and habits. Buy your video today.

Source: Magna Publications