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Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Issue Published: International Journal of Online Engineering Volume 12, Issue 5 (2016) | iJOE

International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE) has just published its latest issue at
Have a look at the Table of Contents.

Review the Table of Contents here and then visit the website to review articles and items of interest. 

iJOE is an Open Access Journal. Readers don't have to pay any fee. Only registration is necessary.  

Table of Contents

A Guiding Design System for Pressure Vessels based on 3D CAD 
(Zhang Shanhui, Yang Chaoying, Xu Ning) 

Environment Factors Monitoring System Based on CAN bus 
(Li Shi Hong, Zhu Sa Sa, Jin Yan) 

Overall Framework Design of an Intelligent Dynamic Accounting Information Platform Based on the Internet of Things 
(Feng Qiu) 

Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Algorithm for Power Information System Security Level Based on the Internet of Things 
(Zeng Ming, Wang Shicheng) 

Research on the Application of Intelligent Calibration Device for Nuclear Power Plants Based on Wireless Sensor Technology 
(Zhe Yang, Cheng Yang) 

Design and Simulation of a Meteorological Data Monitoring System Based on a Wireless Sensor 
(Reza Alavinia, Zhiliang Zhu, Shuang Zhang) 

Remote Monitoring System of an Agricultural Tillage Machine Based on an Embedded ARM Technology Wireless Sensor 
(Jiaqi He, Yong Chen) 

Embedded Spectrum Sensor Network Architecture and Transmission Medium Test Based on TCP/IP 
(Ya Zhang, Fang Han) 

Simulation of the Core Technology of a Greenhouse-Monitoring System Based on a Wireless Sensor Network 
(Yuhong Zhou, Yunfang Xie, Limin Shao) 

Design and Simulation of a Wireless Sensor Network Greenhouse-Monitoring System Based on 3G Network Communication 
(Y. H. Zhou, J. G. Duan) 

Multi-sensor Information Fusion Method Based on BP Neural Network 
(Lin Liandong) 

Energy Balancing of a Heuristic Algorithm for the Path Planning of Mobile Sensor Nodes 
(X. Xu, B. Z. Liu)     

Enjoy your reading!   
Souce: International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE)

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