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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Band director honored for stopping violence with discipline and music | WGNO

Photo: Mark Deane
"Wilson sees music as a way to keep his students away from violent situations or help them stay safe when confronted by violence. And the key is discipline" according to Mark Deane, Executive Producer of News With A Twist.

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"Music, to me, is a humbling experience."

Lester Wilson, the band director at KIPP Renaissance High School, has been involved in music for 38 years. He's going on his third year at KIPP Renaissance, where he is building a band program that is making the school proud. 

"When I got here, we had to start from scratch," says Wilson. "We did well the first year. We won two trophies. I thought that was pretty good for the first year. It usually takes about five years to build a program. This is just year three." 

He says his students have won five band competition trophies in the first two years. And, accolades have come with those victories. But, Wilson says even when the band didn't come home with a trophy, they learned something. 

"To me, even when you lose, you win. Because you have to learn to be gracious when you lose," says Wilson. "And when you win, you know how to be humble and appreciate it." 

The band director and his program were winners this week when Wilson received an honor for helping stop neighborhood violence. 

Local singer Blonka handed him a plaque that thanked him for his "efforts to deter violence through music."
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Source: WGNO

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