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Monday, September 11, 2017

eBook: How Modernizing Your Learning Can Affect Your Bottom Line | The eLearning Guild

"With modern learning techniques, your organization has a real opportunity to contribute to the bottom line" says Gary Iles and Carrie McFarland

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But first, what do we mean by "Modern Learning? In this ebook we'll cover the meaning of modern learning and how modern learning is:
  •     More productive & profitable 
  •     Convenient & happening at the time of need 
  •     Dynamic & engaging 
  •     Data-driven 
  •     Cost-saving
How Modernizing Your Learning Can Affect Your Bottom Line  will lay out the case for prioritizing your organization’s learning culture and investing in a modern learning system. Quickly understand the varied benefits of updating your team’s learning environment and how to attain a positive return on your investment. Increase employee engagement, drive productivity, and foster a collaborative team environment. Ultimately, a well-trained and productive team equals a profitable workplace.

Gary Iles and Carrie McFarland writes in the CONCLUSION: "In closing, we hope the above examples and statistics have helped convince you to see the value in creating a learning culture in your company with a modern learning system. Work closely with your accounting department to help quantify the savings over time, once the system is in place." 
The return on investment you’ll see with modern learning will satisfy finance while increasing employee engagement, fostering a closer team environment on the floor.

Download the Free eBook 

Source: The eLearning Guild 

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