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Friday, September 01, 2017

Mind Music Labs wants to make every instrument 'smart' | Music Ally - Analysis

“What we’re working on is not just the performance. What we believe is that the next revolution is to have every instrument smart and connected…”

Photo: Music Ally (blog)

Michele Benincaso is the CEO of Mind Music Labs, the Sweden-based startup behind the Sensus Smart Guitar.

You may know it from the guitar’s unveiling at the Web Summit conference in November 2015; from its success in the Midemlab and Sonar+D startup contests in 2016; or from the instrument’s first stage performance at the Slush conference that November.

Having raised $220k of seed funding in January this year – following a previous round for the same amount – Mind Music Labs is one of a number of companies trying to bring tech smarts to the guitar and other music instruments. See also: Jammy, Magic Instruments, Jamstik+ and FretX.

That said, Benincaso hopes his company stands out, partly because the Sensus is a proper standalone guitar – “it’s not just a controller for your computer!” – and partly because Mind Music Labs has wider ambitions.

“The smart guitar is the first instrument that is using our technology. But what we have actually developed is a system that can make every music instrument smart. It’s a full embedded system designed for ultra low-latency audio performance,” says Benincaso.

That provides potential for Mind Music Labs’ technology to be used for a range of instruments and electronic-music devices: not just guitar, and not just instruments made by the company. For now, the company is keeping any plans on this front close to its chest.

Benincaso is happy to talk about the potential that connected instruments have for music education, however.
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Source: Music Ally (blog) 

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