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Monday, September 18, 2017

Cox Digital Academy offers free online resources to make learning fun | Coast News

"Cox Digital Academy, designed with the entire family in mind" continues Coast News.

Since 2012, more than a quarter million people have been connected nationwide to the internet via Cox’s Connect2Compete program.
Photo courtesy of Cox Communications
Cox Communications has launched the Cox Digital Academy, a website that gives families access to free online resources such as educational games, social media safety, do-it-yourself science projects, and computer basics.

Whether it’s homework help and a “making it rain in a jar” activity for students, or computer and internet basics to financial literacy for parents, families can take advantage of a host of resources to improve their digital literacy skills...

The Cox Digital Academy offers:
  • Computer and internet basics, teaching users how to conduct web searches, create and manage email accounts, and how to navigate search engines.
  • Educational games and resources for students and teachers, providing homework help, teaching strategies, and more.
  • Job skills, enabling parents to easily navigate job search engines, create resumes and fill out online applications.
  • Social media and online safety, giving parents and children the tools to help prevent cyberbullying, learn about social media basics, and protect social media privacy.
  • Online financial literacy, such as setting up or managing a checking account online and managing an online budget.
For more information, or to sign up for Connect2Compete visit

The Digital Academy is available at

Source: Coast News

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