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Friday, July 06, 2018

What is e-learning? Here's how it can benefit engineering students | Education Today - India Today

E-learning makes the content available for students digitally. Users can learn online, anywhere and anytime. Instead of physical copies of books, e-learning uses visual content and gamification, explains Sarvesh Agrawal, founder and CEO of Internshala, an internship and trainings platform (

Here’s how e-learning helps engineering students

During engineering, most of the students face the problem of not getting their questions answered in class or having no idea about the topic being taught or wishing to explore new opportunities. E-learning can make the difference.

The author starts with the story of Priya Raghav, a Computer Science graduate...

4 perks of e-learning in engineering are:

1. You can reach out to the subject matter expert to get your queries answered without a hesitation.

2. The cost of a training is affordable and can be done to attain both technical (Web Development, Android App Development, Programming with Python etc.) as well as management skills (Business Communication Skills, Advance Excel, Digital Marketing etc.)

3. There are various tests and assignments to help you learn new skills or hone the already acquired.
Moreover, the final project just before the completion of the training (an e-commerce website for Web Development Training, an app for Android Development and so on) will help you put the knowledge attained to the test.

4. On the successful completion of the training, you will receive a certificate that will boost your resume and put you ahead in the curve.
It will also instill a confidence to ace an interview for a job or an internship.

In conclusion, e-learning provides a holistic growth and helps in 3 key aspects: In-depth knowledge, practical experience, and getting your doubts cleared anytime and anywhere!
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Source: India Today

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