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Thursday, July 18, 2019

9 ways e-learning maths can do away with any math phobia and make you an expert | Mathematics - India Today

Studying mathematics through e-learning can do away with the math phobia or anxiety that many students feel because of the way the subject is taught traditionally, notes Sachin Gulati, teaches maths in a fun learning way. 

Math phobia is caused by the traditional system of teaching mathematics. Rather than mugging up questions, students need to understand the concept and theory well.
E-learning has offered convenience, user-friendly interface, accessibility to quality faculties and host of other benefits to a student. For a subject like mathematics, the platform is more capable in offering one-to-one attention thereby solving student's need for the subject.

In a classroom scenario, a student often does not consult the teacher due to shyness or forgetfulness. In an online environment, a student is free to ask and resolve any question-be it mathematics or any other subject. Therefore learning becomes inclusive and interactive.

In this regard, Indian company TruMath is working towards eradicating the fear that students have for mathematics.

Mathematics can be fun!
Learning mathematics requires a lot of patience both from students and teacher. Unfortunately, in India, the reputation around the subject is so poor that everyone thinks Math is boring, painful to learn and un-enjoyable! But not anymore!

E-learning can make the subject fun, interesting and understandable. E-learning actually opens door to a world of mathematics that is fun and exciting...

When teachers use technology strategically, they can provide greater access to mathematics for all students.

Source: India Today