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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Getting Ready for Digital Transformation: Change Your Culture, Workforce, and Technology | Editors' Picks - EDUCAUSE Review

The digital transformation of higher education is at hand. Leaders must prepare their institutions now to take strategic advantage of the coming shifts in culture, workforce, and technology.

Digital transformation (Dx) is a series of deep and coordinated culture, workforce, and technology shifts that enable new educational and operating models and transform an institution’s operations, strategic directions, and value proposition by Susan Grajek, EDUCAUSE's Vice President for Communities and Research and Betsy Tippens Reinitz, Director of the Enterprise IT Program at EDUCAUSE

Dx is being driven by technology trends and changes that are enabling a new approach to everything from how digital architectures are being incorporated to how campus leaders interact with the IT organization, all targeting improved student outcomes, more effective teaching and learning methods, new research capabilities, and an evolution in business models. Dx requires agile and flexible leaders at all levels who can enable the college or university to rapidly and efficiently achieve its strategic aims...

We would like to thank the many people whose thoughtful expertise and vision informed the various drafts of this article. Malcolm Brown (EDUCAUSE Director of Learning Initiatives) and Karen A. Wetzel (EDUCAUSE Director of Community and Working Groups) made every draft better, and John O'Brien (EDUCAUSE President and CEO) provided much-needed final improvements. Teddy Diggs (EDUCAUSE Review Editor-in-Chief) helped us find closure and publish an article that could be under continual revision, because the possibilities and practices of digital transformation are constantly evolving and, we hope, advancing.

Source: EDUCAUSE Review