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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Annual Children's Choir Camp teaches music and more | The Advocate

About 60 members of the Livingston Parish Children’s Choirs spent July 15-18 exercising their singing skills at the annual summer camp at the Revival Temple Church.

Photo: clipartmax
Youngsters, ages from entering kindergarten through seventh grade, participated in several daily sessions learning how to sing in groups and preparing for their summer concert, which was presented to the public in the church’s main sanctuary July 18.

The camp was led by retired music teacher and longtime children’s choirs director Barbara Walker...

Walker uses music to teach lessons. For example, the children were practicing singing a song that had keep smiling as its major theme. After a few lines, Walker stopped the group and told them, “You should learn to keep smiling through the day no matter what your feelings are. Even if you are hurting, you should try to keep on smiling. Life is not perfect all the time, but it won’t do you any good to go around looking like you just ate a sour pickle. Life will get better, and if you smile, other people will smile with you and we’ll all make each other feel better.”

Source: The Advocate