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Sunday, July 28, 2019

How a culmination of 3 women's interests led to downtown Greenville's specialty bookstore | Greenville News

Editor's note: How did Greenville County’s historic courthouse become Main Street’s specialty bookstore? And where did the name M. Judson come from? Here’s a look at the history behind the café and bookstore from an article published in The Greenville News in October 2014.

Courting a bookstore
The vision a trio of entrepreneurs has for a specialty bookstore in downtown Greenville has found a home in what has long been a signature piece of downtown's history.

M. Judson, a local and independent book store, is officially open.
The Greenville County Family Court building — a relic of the World War I era next to the Westin Poinsett hotel — will be the home for the new bookstore venture known as M. Judson, a project now two years in the making.

The project will be a blend of bookstore and café, providing a cultural gathering place for authors and readers, said Ashley Warlick, a Greenville author.

She has joined with a local magazine publisher and a longtime bookstore owner to realize the vision that city leaders said has long been needed...

A specialty bookstore the likes of M. Judson has long been on the "bucket list" of projects the city has wanted to see downtown, Mayor Knox White said.
For more than a decade, the city has wanted a bookstore to fill in the cultural puzzle of downtown's Central Business District, much like other bookstore's in the hearts of great American cities, White said.

Source: Greenville News