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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Google Releases Deep Learning Containers into Beta | Deep Learning -

In a recent blog post, Google announced Deep Learning Containers, allowing customers to get Machine Learning projects up and running quicker by Steef-Jan Wiggers, all in on Cloud and Integration.

Deep Learning consists of numerous performance-optimized Docker containers that come with a variety of tools necessary for deep learning tasks already installed.

Google releases Deep Learning Containers in Beta to provide customers with a way to mitigate the challenge when their development strategy involves a combination of local prototyping and multiple cloud tools, ensuring that all the necessary dependencies are packaged correctly and available to every runtime. With Deep Learning Containers, customers can provision environments consistently for testing and deploying their applications across GCP products and services, like Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Cloud Run and Cloud AI Platform Notebooks – hence making it easy for them to scale in the cloud or shift across on-prem environments. Furthermore, Google will provide hardware optimized versions of TensorFlow, regardless if customers are training on NVIDIA GPUs or deploying on Intel CPUs...

With Google Deep Learning Containers in beta, customers who want to try them out can sign up in their free tier and use the available documentation.