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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Preparing to Teach Online | Online Teaching - Magna Publication

For online teaching faculty who are about to teach online for the first time, a new course called Preparing to Teach Online will be offered for two sessions this summer. 

Photo: Magna Publication
Plan to enroll to create a successful online course that you can begin teaching this coming fall.
This course gives an overview of how to design your online course, how to establish a positive and engaging online classroom climate, how to keep students actively engaged with your content, tips on grading and feedback, and some thoughts on how you can effectively manage your time when teaching online.

After completing Preparing to Teach Online, educators will:
  • Understand how to incorporate basic instructional design to assist with online learning
  • Know how to design assignments specifically for online learners
  • Learn to create a lively online classroom with instructor presence
  • Understand how to quickly and effectively engage students
  • Master how to communicate with online learners
  • Design and facilitate online discussions
  • Learn to add interactivity to an online course
  • Be able to use technology to assist with feedback
  • More effectively manage teaching time
Approximately 10 hours to complete course.

Source: Magna Publication