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Friday, May 08, 2015

The surprising way listening to music could make you smarter

"To optimize your intelligence your brain needs to be charged. The ear’s role in this essential work is huge. Music can boost your brainpower but it is important to select the right kind." according to Marsha Staubli, Senior Tomatis Consultant at the Tomatis listening center in Rolle, Switzerland 
Photo: Le News

Intelligence is broad. Most would agree that academic, artistic, sporting and interpersonal acumen are all aspects of intelligence. Most would also equate intellect with the brain. Many however, do not realize the need to charge or stimulate the brain.

The ear is the brain charging super highway
The primary role of the ear is to energize the brain. Two thirds of the brain’s cortical charge comes via the ear1. Cortical charge drives motivation, creativity and intuition, aiding study, work and relationships. Optimal cortical charge delivers better harmony and mental clarity, while reducing stress and fatigue so you can perform better and move forward with life’s challenges.

Active better than passive
Listening ability is established in the womb where communication first occurs between the unborn child and the mother. After 4 months of gestation, the ear is formed and begins listening. Listening uses the whole body to process sound which travels via air and bone conduction to the brain and entire nervous system.

So how do you get the 4.5 hours of cortical stimulation the brain needs every day? Since the ear provides the majority of the brain’s cortical charge it makes sense that good hearing and listening are essential to optimal brain functioning. Hearing is passive while listening is active, requiring conscious effort. Listening is the door to clarity, concentration and higher intelligence. Actively listening to sound, voices2 or music is the best way to give your brain the stimulation it needs.

Source: Le News