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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

5 summer scholarships helping students have productive vacations | Scholarships - Zee News

Here are the scholarships below, writes Zee Media Bureau.
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Come summer vacations and students from all academic levels take off from their academic schedules to find peace in leisure activities. While some students rekindle their hobbies, there are obviously some students who wish to make their summers as productive as possible. For higher education students, summer breaks are the peak times when they gun it for their competitive exam preparations. But if you’re a student who can’t handle the thought of being glued to the PlayStation for a month, or for that matter a student who can’t bust heads with others in some jam-packed coaching class; perhaps an exposure to the hidden world of fellowship programs could make your summer vacations just the kind of pleasurable and productive abodes you need.

Elite institutions of the nation and some other organisations provide exclusive programs during summers every year. These Summer Scholarship Initiatives provide students with a chance to make productive use of their time and be rewarded for the same. Such fellowship and scholarship programs range from social work initiatives to experimental study tours (even international trips!). Some institutions go ahead and even compensate the participants for their enthusiasm towards these programs. So, if your idea of celebrating a summer aligns even remotely with adaptive learning and unconventional studies, these five scholarships and fellowships might give just the right consolation for going ahead and leaving those old-school vacations plans.

Source: Zee News