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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Highlights from BYU colleges by Ally Arnold and Emma Benson |

College of Fine Arts and Communications

These are some recent characters created by students in the BYU animation program.
Photo: BYU Center for Animation
The BYU animation program has been ranked No. 1 in the nation by the Animation Career Review. The program has won 18 student Emmys and the E3 College Game Competition this year for their game “Beat Boxer. The animation program is highly competitive; it consists of around 80 students and accepts only 20-25 each year...

Claudine Bigelow at home in her BYU office. Her research will take her to Europe this summer.
Photo: Alyssa Lyman

Professor Claudine Bigelow received a grant to fund research on Scandinavian pioneer women and folk music traditions. Her studies will take her to Sweden, Stockholm, Iceland and Denmark. Bigelow’s inspiration for her research project stems from a recent collaborative project with professor Joe Ostraff that included visiting Church historical sites. The trip sparked Bigelow’s desire to study her ancestry and the unique musical and familial cultures that stem from Sweden and Denmark.

College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
The Society of Actuaries has recognized BYU’s actuarial science program as a Center of Actuarial Excellence. BYU is the first western school to receive this prestigious placement, making it one of the top 10 percent schools in the nation for actuarial science. This honor is given to programs that have a challenging curriculum partnered with a high graduation rate of students equipped to work in the field. The program has excelled and the number of employed graduates has risen to about 96 percent with an increase of faculty and research in the past three years.

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