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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Moving into Management: The Skills New Managers Are Learning | Leadership - LinkedIn Learning

Imagine you’ve just reached a major landmark in your career - you’ve been promoted from an individual contributor to a manager! according to Sophie (Wharton) Smith, Insight Analyst, Learning Solutions at LinkedIn.
Photo: The Learning Blog

This is a moment to celebrate, but it can also be a challenging transition. Research suggests that adjusting to a promotion can be a stressful life experience; however, it’s also the perfect time to learn.

So when new managers seek help, what types of skills are they looking to learn? We analyzed data from LinkedIn Learning to understand what courses this group is watching at higher rates than the average user. Of the 13,000 courses on our platform, which do first-time managers flock to when they’re starting their new role?

Two main insights emerged from our analysis: new managers are focused on thinking more strategically and learning to build stronger relationships.

Source: LinkedIn Learning (Blog)