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Monday, June 11, 2007

Company aims to fill a need with math homework help

Software giant Microsoft Corp. has released a standalone math software product, called Microsoft Math 3.0, that can be purchased and downloaded from the company's web site. The software is intended to help students (and their parents) work through math homework problems together, and it also can be used for classroom demonstrations of abstract math concepts.
Earlier versions of the product were integrated into Microsoft's Student with Encarta Premium software. But Math 3.0 is a standalone product that can be downloaded from Microsoft's web site.
With Math 3.0, Microsoft's software engineers have applied their math expertise to meet what they perceive as a serious need. According to an independent survey commissioned by Microsoft, 77 percent of teachers and 73 percent of parents claim math and science are the most difficult homework subjects for students, while only 36 percent of parents said they felt capable to help their children.

Microsoft Math's 3-D graphics help students visualize math and science problems.

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Source: eSchool News