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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Conference 2007

The theme of the conference, Of Mice, Minds, and Society, explores interrelations among technology, individual cognition, and social cognition. The goal of the conference is to sharpen the community’s perspectives on how these threads of CSCL are interwoven and how they interactively contribute to an understanding of the nature of learning in technology-supported environments.
The community must engage in collaborative knowledge building to help understand the dialectical relationships among technology, collaboration, and learning. The theme denotes the relationship between the technological interface (of mice) that supports individual or group cognition (of minds). It also reflects the larger societal context in which collaborative activity is valued, promoted, and encouraged (of society).
Collaborative activity that is supported by computing resources can achieve its potential to foster creative problem solving, build and extend community, and amplify the resources available to individuals or groups. The theme of the conference reflects our goal to explore how this potential can be achieved .