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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Handbook of Research on ePortfolios

Here is the very first handbook on the subject of research on ePortfolios.

The concept for this book started in the early days of the ePortConsortium, when the consortium members were working on the development of the Electronic Portfolio White Paper (2003).

This book consists of two primary sections. Section I includes a number of chapters focusing on the conceptual aspects of ePortfolio, written by conceptual thinkers, academic administrators, and researchers, as well as a limited number of chapters which address the technical aspects of ePortfolios.
Creative thinkers such as those who authored chapters in this section should be considered as the inventors of the ePortfolio. Their vision, combined with their subject matter expertise and their administrative responsibilities, have given birth to this new technology environment called ePortfolio. Few authors tackled the issue of program technology, but we expect that in the future, as more technology systems, solutions, and standards are developed, commercialized, and implemented, more experts will produce manuscripts that concentrate on those topics.
Section II consists of a series of ePortfolio case studies reporting on various ePortfolio initiatives and projects being explored, tested, and implemented in a range of educational institutions across the world.

We have divided Section II into three subsections, with the initial chapters focusing on ePortfolio initiatives, exploring projects such as campus initiatives or committee work to understand and study the feasibility of ePortfolio implementation, followed by the second subsection of case studies reporting on a test or trial of an ePortfolio system for limited members or groups within an institution, and finally the third subsection examining case studies of full implementation of an ePortfolio project.

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