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Monday, October 27, 2008

LodeStar Integrates with eFolioWorld Portfolio by Dave Nagel

LodeStar Learning this week announced a new partnership with eFolioWorld
to integrate its electronic learning authoring suite, LodeStar, with the eFolioWorld electronic portfolio system.

eFolioWorld is a hosted portfolio system developed jointly by ed tech provider Avenet and the Minnesota State College and Universities System.

eFolioWorld is used by a number of higher education institutions and programs ad has been adopted most recently by
Minnesota College of Business, Passaic Community College, Hawkeye Community College, Kankakee Community College, Case Western Reserve University Master of Public Health Program, and Southern Arkansas University Tech.

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eFolioWorld Partners with LodeStar

About eFolioWorld
Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, eFolioWorld is operated by the Academic Innovations Unit of the Office of the Chancellor of the Minnesota State Colleges and University System (
Developed in 2001 as a joint venture between the Minnesota State College and Universities (MnSCU) and Avenet with an initial goal of developing an e-portfolio system for students, educators and workers within MnSCU and across the state, eFolioWorld recently expanded into the development of institutional portfolio work efforts. eFolioWorld is dedicated to creating multimedia electronic portfolio systems designed to enable:

  • Individuals to maintain and to publish a unique personalized portfolio creating a living showcase of their education, career, and personal achievements.
  • Institutions to maintain and to publish their systems portfolio documenting both institutional and program accreditation criteria.
About LodeStar Learning Corporation
Established as a Minnesota-based corporation in 2003, LodeStar Learning Inc. is the producer of the widely popular LodeStar authoring tool.

K-12 teachers and post-secondary instructors use LodeStar to create educational activities that students access from their school’s website or learning management system. LodeStar’s easy-to-use templates enable instructors to choose an instructional strategy and add their own text, graphics, audio, video, and animations. LodeStar supports the latest specifications for shareable content and intellectual property.
LodeStar Learning is excited about its partnership with eFolioWorld. Its authoring tool will make it easy for administrators, instructors and students to add multimedia-rich content to their electronic portfolios. At the institutional level, administrators and teachers will use LodeStar to tell their institutional or professional story through multimedia presentations, electronic timelines, illustrated podcasts, interactive campus tours, and branching interactions. At the classroom level, students will use LodeStar to create and publish multimedia presentations and to catalogue the artifacts of their academic experiences.

Source: T.H.E. Journal