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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Teens Learn From Expert Teachers Through Video-Based Courses Designed to Fill in Knowledge Gaps, Improve Grades and Better Prepare for College

Brightstorm has launched a new online learning network to help high school students deepen their understanding of important subjects and better prepare for college through video-based courses, designed and taught by expert teachers from across the country.

Brightstorm's network offers teens access to 5-hour interactive video courses, broken down into 10-20 minute lessons, in a variety of subjects, including math, writing, history and AP and SAT test prep -- with more subjects and teachers coming soon.
The courses are personalized to match high school students' interests and digital consumption habits. On Brightstorm, teens are able to work at their own pace, choose the right teacher for their learning style, participate in interactive discussion groups, and benefit from bonus materials such as interactive quizzes, 'challenges' and study guides.

About Brightstorm
Brightstorm is an online learning network for teens, teachers and parents. We founded the company with the belief that great learning starts with great teaching and wanted to give every student the opportunity to learn from the world's best teachers. We've assembled recognized teachers from around the country to develop video-based classes, offered in short, personalized formats that map to the way teens consume digital content.
Each of our courses cover the core topics commonly taught in high school subjects across the United States and are designed to help high school students in classes where they need additional help in order reach their full potential and do better in school. Our courses complement in-school learning - helping teens fill in gaps and cement their knowledge to improve grades.
For students, they're given the choice of teachers and the opportunity to learn from some of the best teachers. With an on-demand format, students can go at their own pace, choose their own order, and easily jump to any section in the video to parallel their own class to tailor to their own learning needs. Each course includes interactive quizzes, facts as well as bonus materials like practice problems and study guides that they use with the videos to gain a deeper understanding of the subject.
Brightstorm gives great classroom teachers a new channel that enables them to reach and inspire millions of teens with their unique personalities, expertise and lesson plans. The net result is a powerful network where teens learn more, expert teachers are able to reach more students, and parents can play a more active role in building their kids' confidence in school.

Source: MarketWatch