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Thursday, December 10, 2015

3 ways to boost employee engagement by Todd Dewett, PhD

"A key to attracting, building, and retaining a long-term pool of amazing talent is employee engagement. Research shows that engaged employees believe in their work, their supervisors, and their organizations." Find out in this guide from


Here's the good news: Engaging employees in meaningful ways isn't as difficult as you might think. Download our guide 3 Ways Online Learning Boosts Employee Engagement and explore how investing in online learning can strengthen relationships and drive productivity.
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Photo: Todd Dewett
"It’s entirely possible for employees to be happy and satisfied yet unproductive and willing to look for new opportunities. But engaged employees are more than happy or satisfied. They are productive, committed, and loyal."

A startling 23 percent of employees voluntarily leave their jobs due to lack of development and training, according to the National Research Business Institute. As the workforce skews younger in the next 20 years, this trend will continue.

Here’s the good news: creating employee engagement isn’t as difficult as you might think. This guide explores three ways that investing in online learning can help you boost engagement, cultivate positive relationships, and build productive teams." according to Todd Dewett, popular speaker who inspires leaders and helps them build stronger teams. 

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