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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Business bachelor’s: A world of degree choices

"Want to join the business world after shedding your uniform? For many, the first sensible step will be to earn a bachelor’s degree in business." summarizes Adam Stone, Special to Military Times.

agricultural business.
Photo: Military Times

And that’s where it gets complicated. Some schools offer a degree by that name — Bachelor of Business — but far more colleges offer an academic introduction to the business world under other, diverse names.

With your history of overseas deployments, you might want to pursue a Bachelor of Science in business administration focused on international business. Or if you’ve been the unit number-cruncher, perhaps a Bachelor of Science in finance makes sense.

Indeed, the choices in business bachelor’s degrees are boundless. You can get a Bachelor of Science in the business of music and entertainment, a Bachelor of Arts in accounting, a Bachelor of Science in business administration or a bachelor’s in agricultural business.

Washington State University’s Carson College of Business offers a degree in wine business management. 
Grapes are booming there.

Aaron Fischer opted for something a little more prosaic. This year, he expects to complete his bachelor’s degree in management information systems. The former Army sergeant and tank crewman left the service in 2012 to seek out work in what he believes is a burgeoning civilian field: the compilation and management of business data...

Five-year Navy veteran Tyson Randolph is finishing up a bachelor’s degree in business leadership and management at Ottawa University in Kansas. He’s trying to keep his options open as he decides between a career in education or human resources...

“Everything you do, there is some part of it that is business,” Randolph said. “Even as a teacher, I’d want to tell them how to relate what I teach them to everyday life. So mathematics is not just math, it is statistics, it is economics. Everything you do has a business aspect to it.”

Source: Military Times