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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is On Its Way To Success!

"After last week a team of researchers showed that AI is on its way to success, this week tech companies invest into artificial intelligence." continues Apex Beats.

We already have very smart phones, high-quality operating systems which allow us to browse the internet, play games, pay our bills, or watch TV. We also have virtual reality. It comes in headsets and we can enjoy running away from our real reality for a while. What’s more we’ll soon be having self-driving cars. And finally, we have artificial intelligence to top it all off.

Artificial intelligence is something that until a while ago it seemed to be out of our reach. Now, as scientific breakthroughs seem to happen every other day and technology moves so fast that if you blink you might lose the launch of a newer, better device, it’s about time that we get our hands on the artificial intelligence that seemed so far off.

Recently, a team of scientists conducted some tests and managed to make a computer program learn in the way humans learn. This development means that AI could soon reach its true potential. Which means it should represent a good investment for tech companies.

This is why Amazon Web Services, YC Research and Infosys are donating $1 billion to the OpenAi project. However, it looks like the donations are some sort of charity for science, as the companies expect nothing in return besides results, of course. They are looking forward to the day in which OpenAI changes our world as we know it.

Artificial Intelligence is however a pretty new field of expertise and scientists still cannot say for sure what sort of impact it could have; whether it will be negative or positive and at what level. As they aren’t sure of the benefits or the harm AI could bring to humanity. This is why they will always make their work public.

The AI is also controversial because there are people who think it could pose a threat to humans. After all the sci-fi movies showing us how robots are a lot smarter, it’s quite hard not to fear the rise of artificial intelligence.

Until the rise of AI, many scientists and tech people including Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking believe some sort of regulations should be imposed at a national or worldwide level, to make sure all research will be under control.

Source: Apex Beats