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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Three Things You Don't Need in Your Microlearning Video

Photo: Ellen Burns-Johnson
Ellen Burns-Johnson, Instructional Designer - former English and technology teacher writes,"It was Monday night. All I wanted was something to help me relax after a long day of instructional design and holiday shopping."

I sat on the floor in the center of my yoga mat, scrolling through search results. YouTube™ provided about 28,000 hits:

I was hoping to unwind, but each video I opened only served to frustrate me even more.

“Hi, this is Jane,” said the cheery host, “and this is your nighttime yoga practice.”

“I know,” I told my TV. “It says that in the title of your video.”

“If you want to unwind for the night, or calm down—”

“Yes, I do,” I interrupted. “That is why I clicked on your video. Can we get to the unwinding now?”

“—this ten-minute sequence will be perfect for you.”

“If it's ten minutes, why is your video thirteen minutes and twenty-four seconds?”

Reading this dialog, you might consider me too impatient (plus a little weird for talking at my television). However, while you might be right on both counts, I'm certainly in good company.

This scene from an average weekday night is what learning and performance look like in the age of microlearning: short bursts of content, accessed at the moment of need by impatient media consumers, and often on a smartphone or tablet. Yet many learning videos are still produced without considering the tendencies of modern, mobile learners.

Here  re three things you can cut from your training videos to help your learners get into the microlearning flow:
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Source:  e-Learning Leadership Blog