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Monday, December 21, 2015

Whitepaper - Five Ways to Increase Engagement to Improve Retention

"A student's academic success is never determined by just one factor." continues eCampus News - White Papers.

Read the newest whitepaper today to find out 5 switches you can make to support students in their comprehensive college experience.

You'll learn how you can shape your campus to not only accommodate unique student challenges but to also match their best strengths.

TechSmith writes in Improving student retention, "According to the Community College Student Survey on Engagement published in 2010, “Only 28% of first-time, full-time, associate degree-seeking community college students graduate with a certificate or an associate degree within three years,”and only “45% of students who enter community college with the goal of earning a degree or certificate have met their goal six years later.”

These statistics are nothing short of astounding, giving great pause to educators and decision makers across the country. Fortunately, a good start to solving a problem is being optimistic and aware.

Source:  eCampus News