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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Andrew Kohlhofer: We need a revolution in education | The Union Leader

"THE ANTI-TRUMP DEMONSTRATIONS all over the country highlight one of the main reasons why I ran for state representative in Rockingham County District 33, and I wish I had been a better candidate." writes Andrew Kohlhofer, lives in Fremont.

It is not the protests themselves, which of course began after the election, but the complete ignorance of American history and political philosophy and the outright violence that they exhibit. Safe spaces, micro-aggressions, the epithet of “racist” against anyone who opposes them, and skipping classes are symptoms of a failed education system. These attitudes have been fostered from kindergarten through college by the social justice warriors that currently dominate academia, from local schools through our colleges.

During my six years on a local school board, I have seen the abandonment of the idea of core knowledge. It has been replaced with a mish-mash of self-directed learning, differential instruction and materials that are more focused on political correctness than actual facts, history or skill building.

With Republicans now in control of both Houses of the New Hampshire Legislature and the governor’s office, the wave of social justice can be rolled back and replaced by the deep sea of human liberty. We need to go further than promoting school choice and eliminating Common Core.

Some things will be easy, some will be hard, but we need to take a view that is longer than our social justice counterparts.

Source: The Union Leader

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